Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Term 2 - Weeks 7 and 8

These are the gorgeous bowls we made as part of our Recycling topic. We got to eat popcorn from our special bowls. 

 As part of our Recycling topic we also made our own paper. These are the steps we used to make it...
1: We soaked the recycled shredded paper in water and dye. 
2: Next we put it in the food processor, which cut it into little pieces. 
3: After this we put a handful of mixture on our mesh frames and sponged all the excess water out of it. 
4: Finally we placed our paper in the sun to dry. 
 Once our paper was dry we added glitter, then photos and turned them into photo-frames to take home for our Whanau. 
 Miss Patrick brought us some new maths equipment. We have been using the penguins to make groups of 5. We have also been using the new blocks to make coloured patterns. 
 We went on a frost hunt. We had a great time slipping and sliding in the frost. 

We made invites to our parents. All our Whanau are invited to our classroom for a shared writing session. This is on Wednesday 29th June from 9 - 10am. 

This week was our last week of hockey skills. We have learnt how hold a hockey stick properly and how to control the ball. 


  1. Cool miss p were learning hocky

  2. Cool miss P Rosebank is learning hockey skills as well but only the year 7 and 8's anyway Rosebankers have only 1 week to go till holidays and you how many weeks are you till holidays you can get back to me on that one k bye bye:-)

  3. Those photo frames look really clever. Can you use other dye's or just the yellow?

  4. The photo frames look like great fun.