Thursday, October 25, 2018

Term 4 Week 2

Netherby School is very lucky to have amazing teacher aides and support staff. These great people bring extra knowledge and expertise to our school. The students and staff all benefit from this. 
Room 6 was lucky enough to have Roz with the support of Ally and Lisa (our student teacher) to learn about the Māori protocols of flax gathering and weaving to support our letter focus of “f” on Wednesday. 
The students loved this opportunity; it was a great purposeful way to incorporate Māori culture into our everyday learning. Have a look at the video we made to share our learning with you.

We had a great time at Cluster Athletics on Tuesday at School. It was very warm, but we had a great day. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Term 4 Week 1

This week we have had the Life Education truck and Harold visiting us. We learnt about what feelings are, what makes us special and unique and how we can tell what others are feeling. 
On Thursday we participated in the Nationwide shake out drill. From this Room 6 read and explored the Quaky Cat book and wrote stories about how Tiger felt in the earthquake. This linked in really well with our focus on feelings during our Harold visit. 
We also visit Merle Leask Kindy and had a great time playing with the students who will be starting in Room 6 soon. 
We have been learning about electricity. We had an amazing time making circuits with our special electronic kits.