Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Term 2 Week 8

This will be the last blog post for Room 6 for the term. Miss Patrick is off to visit 5 schools overseas and we have Mrs Tew teaching in Room 6. 

On Friday we had Magician Elgregoe come to visit our school. We loved learning through lots of magic tricks. 

Miss Patrick shared some delicious chocolate cake with us. We used this to extend our vocab and loved describing it as we ate it. 

We love having our new student teacher in Room 6. Miss Stringer is here for 2 weeks this term and she will come back to visit us again in term 4. 
This week we have been reading "Little Goat's Coat". Mrs McCully helped us make this gorgeous artwork.
Here are some more photos of us during Discovery Learning.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Term 2 Week 7

We have had several new students join us in Room 6 over the last few weeks and we have a few more here on school visits tomorrow. Here is a new picture of our class. 
 On Wednesday it was Support Staff day. We celebrated our amazing helpers by having a special morning tea for them and a celebration assembly where we gave them cards. 
 Wednesday afternoon was a Whanau Reading afternoon. We had lots of our Whanau come to see what we do during reading time and they go to learn some new tips on how to help us at home. 
We have been starting to learn some new Jump Jam songs. Its great fun and we love to exercising every day in Room 6. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Term 2 Week 6

Last Friday Miss Patrick took some of our senior students to Merle Leask to visit. We took some books to read to them and enjoyed doing some learning activities.
We have been working hard on knowing all our alphabet names and sounds. Please use the alphabet cards that have been sent home to practice. 
On Tuesday we went to support our senior students at the Cluster Cross Country. We loved going with our buddies from Room 2. 
 We had Kwain come to visit our Breakfast Club. It was great to have him come to see what an amazing job our volunteers are doing and the students enjoying themselves. 

Here are some more photos from our Discovery session this week. We have been working on Managing Ourselves. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Term 2 Week 5

Room 6 snuck into the staffroom to write about popcorn. Some of our ideas were:
It is fresh. 
It is crunchy and yellow. 
It it yum and hot. 
We have been learning about the water cycle. We made rain drop mobiles. It was great cutting practice for us. We are learning to say "this is tricky, but I'm trying" rather than saying "I can't do this". 
On Tuesday our whole school went to Chertsey School for our Cluster Schools Cross Country. We loved our trip there on the bus and spending the day in the sun with our friends. 
Room 6 went to the hall to see our amazing Home and School Group making cheese rolls. We are so very grateful to these people for taking the time to make money to support our students.