Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Term 1 Week 5

Thank you to everyone who came to 3WC's this week. It was great to discuss your child's learning and interests with each of you. 

We have school swimming next week. Please make sure you have named all your child's belongings and have paid your money to the office. 

We are continuing to work on being able to write our names correctly. Please take the time to practice this at home. 
 On Wednesday we had Junior School Discovery. We have been working hard on our 3 collaborative art creations this term and they are finally completed and up in the library on display. We are very proud that all students had a part in making each of them. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Term 1 Week 4

We are lucky enough to have 4 or 5 senior students visit Room 6 each day to help us with extra practice with our reading. We love spending time with them and them helping us. 
This week we had a token count up. We have been working really hard on our school value of "be encouraging to others" this week. Some of us are already close to 20 tokens. 
 We have been working extremely hard on being able to write our own names. Please take the time to practice this with your children at home. 

Last week we completed writing and artwork after reading Greedy Cat and the Goldfish. This gorgeous art is displayed in our classroom for you to have a look at. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Term 1 Week 3

We were very lucky to have a parent bring us sushi to try this week. We smelt, felt and tasted it before we did lots of talking and we then wrote stories about it. These stories are up in our School office if you would like to read them. 
We have been using our "Little Red Hen" puppets to perform our story this week using our story map. We are getting very good at retelling the story in order. 

We have also been using pipe cleaners to practice learning  alphabet names and sounds. 
We went to visit Merle Leask Kindy and the students who will be starting in our classroom soon. We love visiting our friends who are a short walk away. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Term 1 Week 2

We have been working really hard on being able to spell and write our names. 
 We have been learning about patterns and loved making long snake repeating patterns. 

We made these gorgeous rainbow fish after learning about sharing and being kind to everyone. 

This is us during a brain break doing some bean bag exercises.