Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Term 1 Week 11

We made some gorgeous Easter Eggs by painting them by using balls of cotton wool. After that we practised our cutting skills and glued them onto a black background. 

This was our last session with Mark for the Term. We have learnt lots of different skills through playing Mark's games.

On Tuesday Rooms 5 and 6 enjoyed the sunshine and went for a walk. We were on the hunt for different colours, shapes and counted things along the way.

 We have been working really hard and are a little bit tired, so we had some free time to work with our friends on Wednesday. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Term 1 Week 10

We have been working on our Easter Bunny art. We made these from lots of different patterns. It was also great cutting practice for us. We think they are amazing. 

On Thursday Miss Patrick brought us some homemade biscuits she made us. We felt, smelt and got to eat them after we had done writing about them. They were delicious. 

We have 3 new dress up costumes. We think they are great!
Aiamahsea has been teaching us the Karakia that is spoken at the Breakfast Club. He is doing a great job at teaching us.