Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Term 2 Week 9

Room 6 are extremely grateful for the gorgeous gloves we received from the Red Cross. They are super warm and soft. We love wearing them to school on frosty mornings. We wrote them a special card to show our appreciation. 

Constable Chris came to teach us about Keeping Ourselves Safe. We got to ask him lots of questions and then he took us out to practice crossing the road safely. 

 We have been learning about helping each other out and using kind words to support each other. This is us using the balancing beams to help everyone get across. 

We are getting very excited for our new learning space to be finished. Mr Wheeler thinks it will be ready in another 2 weeks. We cannot wait to be able to work in this lovely new area. 

Wahoooo our production is only one week away. Today we had a dress rehearsal. We are keeping our costumes a secret until the show next week, but here is a glimpse of parts of them. 
Mr Wheeler and our Teacher Aides were very impressed with all the students today. 


  1. What a busy and exciting week in your classroom Room 6. We have been having a few frosty mornings in Balclutha too. The red gloves look like a fantastic idea.

  2. Wow you people are very busy in Room 6 and SO lucky to have Miss P looking after you! We miss her a lot so make sure you look after her and use kind words to support her too. Take care Netherby School and have a great holiday.

  3. Love the costume pieces!
    P.S Miss you Miss Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic week. Keep up the great effort. Miss you lots!!!!