Friday, September 23, 2016

Term 4 Week 9

Wow! What a busy and fantastic term we have had! I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday with their Whānau!

On Thursday we went on an adventure to D & E to give them the colouring in competitions we have been working hard on for the A & P show that is coming up. We also got to watch a concrete mixer and visit the Vets. 

On Friday we had Super Star Mufti. We also had Mark for sport. This is us doing sport in our fabulous clothes. 

Ashburton Netherby School came together to raise money for the September Foundation by raising money for children with cerebral palsy by taping Miss Hannah to the wall.

We had a great time watching the Yearly Lip Sync. We loved getting on stage and having a wee dance as well. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Term 3 Week 8

 This week we had our Duffy Sponsors and Role Model visit. We learnt lots about fossils and are very very happy with our new Duffy books. Thank You KPMG for your support!

This week our School invited all our Whanau to join us for an Art afternoon. With the help from them we made our gorgeous ladybug art for our school calendars. On Friday we made some fantastic daffodil art to go with our Spring writing. 

 On Thursday we went to see what our Caretaker was doing because we could hear a loud noise from our classroom. He was cutting down the dead branches from the trees with his chainsaw. We hadn't seen one of these before and it was very exciting. 

We have been extremely lucky to have Mata helping in our classroom on Thursday and Friday this week. She taught us how to say several things in Samoan. Including Talofa, which mean Hello in English. We had a great time. 

This week we have been working hard to be kind team members and help each other. Here are some activities we have been doing. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Term 3 Week 7

Last week Miss Patrick took some more of our student leaders to Stepping Stones. We loved reading books to the children. 

Mrs McCully and Room 6 were on presenting at assembly. They played a song using instruments and singing. We have been learning how to speak confidently in front of people. 
 We have loved getting outside and enjoying the sunny spring weather. We have been practising writing our numbers using chalk. 

We went on a lamb hunt instead of a beer hunt and luckily for Room 6 we found one. We loved being kind to the lamb and learning about them.