Friday, March 18, 2016

Term 1 Week 7

This week we made art as part with our topic 'We All Belong'. The first piece of art we created was Rainbow Fish. Before making our art we read the book, watched the video clip and made the our rainbow fish puzzles. We had a big talk about how everyone is different and that this is a good thing. We also talked about sharing and helping others like rainbow fish did in the story by giving his sparkly scales to the other fish. 
 We also made insects. These were linked into our maths learning with statistics and counting the objects we collected to make the back grounds.
We loved reading and listening to the book Fantail, Fantail. It was a great book to take home and share with our Whanau. 
Mark visited us on Friday to help with our ball skills. We are getting a lot better at having our hands ready for catching. 
On Friday afternoon the school spent their afternoon outside completing a range of activities. We had a great time learning how to work with people we usually don't, how to help each other and try new things. 

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