Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Term 1 Week 6

We are having a very busy week. One of our maths groups have been learning how to add numbers together by counting all the materials. 
 We let the last of our gorgeous butterflies fly free this week. We had a great time following them around the playground, while they were trying to find their new home. 

We had our weekly library visit on Monday. We have learnt to be very quiet in the library. We make sure we whisper and tip toe. We love reading books and being able to take them home to share with our friends and Whanau. 

One of our fantastic Room 6 helpers brought a birds nest to school. We did a lot of talking about why birds have nests, what they are made from and how they make them. We found out that this nest was made from feathers, straw, string, leaves and lots of other things. 

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