Thursday, June 1, 2017

Term 2 Week 5

Room 6 snuck into the staffroom to write about popcorn. Some of our ideas were:
It is fresh. 
It is crunchy and yellow. 
It it yum and hot. 
We have been learning about the water cycle. We made rain drop mobiles. It was great cutting practice for us. We are learning to say "this is tricky, but I'm trying" rather than saying "I can't do this". 
On Tuesday our whole school went to Chertsey School for our Cluster Schools Cross Country. We loved our trip there on the bus and spending the day in the sun with our friends. 
Room 6 went to the hall to see our amazing Home and School Group making cheese rolls. We are so very grateful to these people for taking the time to make money to support our students. 

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