Saturday, October 15, 2016

Term 4 Week 1

We have had an extremely busy week back at school. 

We loved sharing our holiday stories with each other. We all had a great holiday and are excited for lots of new learning in Term 4. 

We have new reading games this term. These ones were kindly given to us by Ruby in Room 4 and her family. 

We were also kindly given a treasure box. This was given to us by a student Miss P used to teach in Balclutha. We love getting this out of it. 

We have been learning our high frequency words with our friends this week. We have also been learning how to add groups of numbers together and how to write these down. 

On Friday fun day we started making grass men. We collected sawdust from out long jump pit, made bags out of mutton cloth, added wheat and soaked them in water. We then decorated them and are patiently waiting for them to grow. Keep an eye out for pictures of them over the next few weeks. 

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