Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week 2 Week 3

Room 6 have been outside enjoying the lovely sunshine this week. We have been learning how to go on the obstacle course and how we should talk and support each other. 
We also spent some time drawing a picture of our whanau or the things that we love.

We made a Thank You card for Mrs Swan because she kindly gave Room 6 a massive folder of songs and poems. The song we learnt this week was 'Aroha is love'. 

On Wednesday Harrison came to school with his Nan's dog to show us. We loved patting Dafney and learning about dog safety. 
We wrote stories about our visitor. 

This week we ventured to Chertsey School for our small schools Cross Country. We did Jump Jam to warm up and then raced around the track. Miss Patrick was very proud of us and our persistence.